Specialised marketplace services

We’re experts when it comes to specialised marketplaces, which sets us apart from our competitors.

Firstly, we can operate in both D2C and B2B marketplaces. Secondly, we can optimise your business for Amazon, to fit all the necessary requirements they set, allowing your products to be seen by millions of people. We’ll even be able to get you Amazon Prime certified, enabling us to deliver orders from your customers the next day. We can manage all SFP, FBM, and FBA orders as well.

Finally, Lama will manage any rework needed on your products in our warehouse to make them suitable to send to your customers.

Take a look at the full service offering below.

D2C & B2B


Many brands want to offer the end client the opportunity to purchase their products directly from them. In fact, a recent study showed that 55% of consumers prefer to shop directly with the brand manufacturer over retailers. D2C gives the brand more control of the experience and service they want to give their customers. It may also be the brands most profitable way of engaging and delivering to their customers.

Influencers are increasingly playing a huge part in promoting products, and by using a D2C model it allows brands to get their products delivered to not only their customers, but also to the influencers that endorse them.

It can be a time-consuming process fulfilling individual orders rather than selling in bulk to retailers. Lama can fulfil all D2C orders on behalf of your business, cutting out the middleman and saving you lots of time to concentrate on running your business.


Many of our clients have multiple routes to market, whether that be via their own Direct 2 Consumer website, through a marketplace such as Amazon or eBay or directly to retailers. It’s important to use a fulfilment company that can handle all these routes.

At Lama we can prepare your orders for any type of business or retail client you may have – whether that be pallets of products into big retailers, or to smaller independent retailers. Our team can even handle the booking in of your orders with the relevant retailer and provide Proof of Deliveries as well as bespoke branded delivery notes.


Integrating with Amazon

We’re able to integrate with all Amazon regional marketplaces, as well as FBA, Amazon Business and Seller Fulfilled Prime.

You tell us which Amazon accounts you’d like us to integrate with and we’ll do the rest. All we need is your Seller ID and MWS Authorisation Token for us to create a synchronised link between your Amazon stores and our platform. Once you have authorised our platform to access your Amazon Seller Account, you’re ready to go.

If you’re not sure how to do this this, we can walk you through Amazon’s Seller Central portal.

Product Synchronisation

Once we have integrated the Amazon store, we’ll then need to match your Amazon listings with products on our platform.

We’ll decide the most efficient way of doing this which will be done by either creating the products on our platform first (via an upload), or by simply asking our platform to grab the listing information from your Amazon store(s). They will then be mapped or created on our platform.

Inventory Levels

We can decide, at a product level, the percentage of your available stock you want to be displayed across each channel. You may only want to show 10% of your available inventory on your Amazon France store for example, or all your stock on your Amazon UK store. It’s entirely up to you.

Pricing / Repricing

It may be that you already have a pricing and/or repricing mechanism in place. If not, we can take that headache away from you and ensure that your pricing is performing optimally, based on your pricing strategy set rules within our platform.

Shipping Methods

We must synchronise your Amazon channel shipping methods with our platform to ensure your customers’ delivery timescales are satisfied. We’ll ensure the mappings are in place before we start shipping your orders.

Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

We can prepare the shipping of FBA products to Amazon on your behalf.

Amazon can differentiate between your FBA and FBM orders, therefore only FBM orders will be processed by our platform.

Seller Fulfilled Prime (SFP)

If you already have an account that is Seller Fulfilled Prime eligible, we will integrate Amazon Buy Shipping Services to ensure compliance with Amazon.

If your account is not SFP ready, we can discuss utilising Lama’s own Amazon retail brand – ShopAtHome – for your listings. This will give your products the Prime badge on your listings.

As we have a proven track record of Seller Fulfilled Prime eligibility, we can work with you through Amazon’s SFP trial programme, that invariably takes 30 days, giving you all the benefits of SFP eligibilty.

Order Fulfilment

Once we are satisfied that your Amazon listings are mapped and synchronised correctly and you’ve delivered your products to us, we can start fulfilling your orders.

Our system continuously recognises when an order is placed. An order will appear on our platform in less than 10 minutes after an order is placed.

Once an order appears, our fulfilment team will get to work on picking, packing, and shipping as per the conditions we have collectively set out.

On completion of the order, our platform sends order notifications to your Amazon channels, ensuring you are conforming to Amazon’s strict seller measurement policies.


Our team of warehouse lamas will manage any rework needed on your products from packaging and labelling updates to damaged goods and reconfiguration.

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Lama Fulfilment Lama Fulfilment

The staff and management at Lama Fulfilment have a ‘Can Do’ attitude to everything that they have done for Excotek Ltd.  Using Lama as our 3PL company has enable our support and management team to focus on other operation activities which has enable us to grow our business without the restrictions and challenges that B2B logistics can bring.

Steve Minshull, General Manager

Excotek Limited
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Customer experience is fundamental to our business, so when it came to outsourcing our fulfilment finding the right partner was critical. Due to their in-house experience and skills, Lama completely understood our business requirements and continually work with us to develop flexible processes and solutions to support Dr Fertility’s fast growth and big ambitions!

Kobi McCardle - Co-Founder

Dr. Fertility
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While using Amazon we were frustrated with the costs, lack of personal customer service and agility in managing stock inventory, so we used the downtime Covid-19 afforded to review our future fulfilment plans.

Director, Byre Group

Ross Miller
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Any small businesses who are looking for a reliable Order Fulfilment company, stop looking and sign up with Lama Fulfilment now. You will not find a cheaper Order Fulfilment company in the UK.

Clean Shaven

Bobby Cunningham
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