Amazon extend Royal Mail delivery dates due to upcoming strike action

Vernon Yerkess - 1 minute

If you are an Amazon Seller and use Royal Mail as your carrier you’ll no doubt be worried about how the upcoming Royal Mail strikes may affect your Amazon Delivery promise metrics for Merchant Fulfilled orders and more particularly Seller Fulfilled Prime orders – getting SFP eligibility is not difficult to attain and keep as long as your metrics stack up ie. shipping on time and over the weekend. If your metrics dip below 99%, Amazon will want you to craft a Plan of Action to rectify this and may even strip you off your SFP eligibility which invariably worsens your chance of winning the Buy Box and you may lose your competitive edge on your listings.

So what happens when the metrics are completely out of your control, for example when a courier, such as Royal Mail, goes on strike as is about to happen.

Some of our clients have asked Amazon this question and we’ve seen mixed responses, however we’ve managed to get this official line from Amazon :-

“Due to expected Royal Mail strike action and disruption to delivery services across the UK, we’ll extend customer-facing delivery promises for all seller-fulfilled offers, including Seller Fulfilled Prime, in the coming weeks.

We understand that these events might cause significant disruptions for some sellers. We’re committed to working with you to mitigate any negative effect on your account health.” – Amazon


The strikes are planned for the following dates:


  • Friday, August 26
  • Wednesday, August 31
  • Thursday, September 8
  • Friday, September 9

Amazon have suggested using different carriers, however for our Seller Fulfilled Prime customers, there’s only 4 choices, Royal Mail being one and the other carriers just may not be competitive.

Some of our clients are turning their SFP listings off, some are putting their Amazon store on Holiday mode and others are just going to chance it.



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